The essence

The essence Fame she received at the end of XX century.

after at phenomenon books American naturopath Peter DAdamo.

The essence of his theory is the following: food, post Payuschie the body interacts with the blood, and this interaction is directly related to genetic singular tures of humanity as a whole.

There are four blood groups, formed as a result of a gradual evolution of humanity.

Therefore, blood groups Salo wife information about nutrition, which in initial followed by our ancestors.

For the normalization of the immune and digestive systems of human age need to eat foods corresponding to its blood group.

. . . . . .

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Human cell

Human cell Salt a product alien to the human body Man is adapted to supply a strictly species we have already realized.

Human cell can function only on the energy and information, to toruyu originally programmed.

Salt does not carry energy or useful information! And nature has not provided ways to protect against its impact reduction, just as salt is not intended for human food.

Were surrounded by food and water vapor with terrifying meters energy and information, so just do not have the right to make the situation worse immoderate consumption of salt! Mankind for centuries seeks to address nutrition.

. . . . . .

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I am holding

I am holding Sheet from which the match, almost no processed, preserving their freshness and youth.

Adding water, mistress whips liquid to foam and then offers it to you.

Emotional nerve tea ceremony is the idea that everyone should appreciate single moment.

I am holding a cup of tea wrote Sositsu Sen XV, who led the XX century sect Urasenke.

I can see the whole of nature is reflected in the green.

Closing my eyes, I can see inside my own heart green mountains and clean water.

. . . . . .

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However, no such. In just

However, no such. In just Flatly deny separate meals doctors never studied chavshie food hygiene.

They say, all this nonsense.

Your ludok also able to cope with any food in any combination.

People eat it.

And I agree can, but at what cost: Together double digesting requires more time and cost twice as much energy and enzymes.

And that means that the same work cell.

The combination of incompatible foods leads to acidosis oxidation of blood.

Poorly digested protein rots and undigested starch fermented.

Fats in such conditions rancid.

Will tell you that in nature there are no productcontaining proteins or carbohydrates only.

However, no such.

In just under kind peas, soybeans, beans, lentils and peanuts contain at approximately equal amount of proteins and carbohydrates.

. . . . .

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However, this

However, this What is now considered a wholesome and nutritious, can actually turn into a terrible disaster for human health! In the biblical story again and again confronted each other different life and eating habits: Biblical vegetable diet poor Israelis opposed to goodies rich Babylonians, Egyptians and Romans.

Clearly, people eat green in full accordance with the advice biblical nutritionists was healthy.

However, this diet was one catch, however, is very pleasant: this food was cheap and quite neizyskannoy.

Kissed by the Romans contemptuously looked at the common people of the Jewish people: primitive ecofeed it, and the poor to that! Who made his way to the top of the social ladder, vanity, he began to eat respectively humble cabbage on the table is not allowed.

. . . . . .

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